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Luxury Real Estate Curb Appeal Ideas

Luxury Real Estate Curb Appeal IdeasWhen talking about luxury real estate homes cost above five hundred thousand dollars, which is not pocket change and not affordable to the middle or lower class of homeowners. If you want to sell your home you want to make sure that it makes a lasting impression on the potential buyer. There is a saying that “your first impression is always the last.” What this basically means is that when you take one look at the home something inside tells you if you want to look at the home or skip it and move on to another home.

To help a potential buyer want to look at the home inside usually the first thing that they notice is the appearance of the yard, often referred to as curb appeal. This does not mean that you have to have a curb in front of your home because most of these luxury real estate homes do not have curb but a long drive to their front door. In this situation you would improve the value of the home by using gardens, landscapes, lighting, architectural symmetry, and external painting. The job of improving the “curb appeal” of the home is done by the homeowner but the promotion is done by the real estate agent.

One of the biggest assets of selling a luxury real estate home is to make it look impressive to the buyer and to do that add colors to your garden. A very effective selling tool is to landscape the front or backyard. Around the landscape you can add some architectural symmetry with a bench under a tree, a patio, tiles in the lawn that could lead to that bench, to a patio, or it could also surround a small plot, or garden of various flowers. You could even have a small fountain by the bench, which could be sitting on a small stone or tile patio. This would speak to the potential buyer that here was a quiet place to read, feed the birds, or just relax. Most of these luxury real estate homes also have a swimming pool, which you want to make sure is free of leaves and other debris. You could have a small patio table with an umbrella and chairs. At the edge of the pool you could have some ornamental or potted plants.

You also want to make sure that if the potential buyer comes in the evening that the house is not in total darkness. Strategically place solar powered lights around your flower gardens and on the sides of your sidewalk and have a light on the front porch.

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